Sigh. Takes forever with my mother. :/ Lost my device yet again, quite a few days ago, this time I was on my phone talking to someone via live text on a game, I was called to help, and while there I went to tell the person I would be busy, it took literally one or two seconds (and I didn’t even get to send it due to internet connections) and mom got pissed off, into a rant, and I lost my phone, and due to my sis’s “attitude” according to mom, she lost hers in the same swoop. Which has her blaming me (not that I fault her for that exactly, I feel guilty. :/ ( ._.) ) and giving me the cold shoulder, something just defrosting today.
And not just lost, but passwords changed as well kinda deal. And if I asked for it, “the payment for internet for the devices is being cancelled.”
Soo yea. And she has been getting upset for the slightest thing lately, like she’s been running out of stuff to be upset about, like I forgot to bring a laundry basket up, which took all of 30 seconds to do once I was reminded. >_>

So all in all, nothing is ever easy with her,
And my laptop prep has been delayed, yet again. (As I can’t exactly do that with not even having my phone right?)

I don’t have access to it still, just been “allowed” on it right now, which is annoying. :sigh:

So yeah, that’s been this week.

Sorry that this hasn’t been a great first post, but hopefully things improve soon. :sadhug: