Hey everyone, apologies for taking so long once again, I’ve been very stressed as of late, and I haven’t found the alone time to be on these things much.

Everyone the past week has caught some form of flu bug, which sucks, me being the latest and likely last one, as everyone else has gone through it. Some kind of throat scratch, really more annoying than a actual hindrance. >_> Ah well, such is the way of life.

It’s been… Busy. We have gotten a lot of housework done, although anytime I ask for my stuff to be setup, it keeps being put aside. I know that sounds selfish of me, but it’s been over three months, and it doesn’t take that long. My mother says once things have calmed down, she would get to it. (Things never calm down with her) Soo yeah, I’ve been contemplating ways to try and ask if I could just do it myself, as the saying goes “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

Beyond that, things skiihilled downwards the day before yesterday, as a larger-than-normal issue between my younger brother and my mom, I got caught in the “shrapnel” of her being mad, and I didn’t lose my device, but she basically said “you’re on your own”. Didn’t kick me out of the house (thankfully) or anything, but basically I wasn’t there. And it came to the point that day where if I went to use the washroom, she slammed on the door and started shouting if she needed to get something, and forced me out. >_> In general, I got pushed around more than usual, and was a extra entity, for all that she cared (to be honest, not too much different from norm, just with more dispassion, and more force. >_<) Either way, it's seems to have calmed down after she got stared at while we were out, because she shouted at me for "walking in front of her" and a woman glanced at her as if she was crazy. Which, in that instance, I would agree with. It's like she gets a high from being "powerful". Ugh.

Anyways, since it's cooled down now, and i feel bad for just complaining, at least it's been okay today, despite the flu.

I hope your day has been good reader, happy after Easter, and I will talk to you guys again later. ^_^ Stay strong.